Some people know about the boosters while some don't. A LudoSkill player, knowing how to use your boosters can turn your game completely!

We specify you the reason why ludoskill includes boosters, as they add fun, excitement, and drama elements to the game. They also increase the chances of finishing the game fast and win. That holds true for you, as well as your opponents. However, using the booster is the skill in the game, and you can also have loads of fun with it! Sit back and allow the booster to lead you to victory.


As we all know, Ludoskill has two exciting boosters, known as random booster and choice booster. 


1.     Random booster - In this booster, the system will roll the dice randomly. This generated number can be used anytime once in the whole game.

2.     Choice booster - You can select any number between 1 to 5 and can use anytime once in the whole game. 

3.     Game Toss – This is just to decide the playing order of the players in the game. Each player is allowed to roll the dice once. The player who rolls the highest the number will play first.


Using boosters at the right place and time is the skill where you can push back your opponent and move towards winning. When your opponent is on his way to the destination, it's the time where you can use booster to hit him. In another scenario, when you feel like your at-risk zone, you can use boosters to move your token on a safer side. 

Finally, when your 3 tokens are in the home and 1 token left to go and if you have that number luckily in boosters you can use it to win and earn money.

These are some tricks where you can use them and enjoy playing ludoskill to win unlimited money.

You can read out how to install and how to play ludoskill hereLudoskill is the perfect game where you can easily win ludo money and get it into your Paytm wallet or bank account. For Withdrawal You just need to do one time KYC process, The KYC process is just for verification purpose that the player is not from banned states( Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Andra Pradesh, Kerala, Sikkim and Nagaland) and 18+ years above. Once KYC is verified you can withdraw your winning amount.

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