Highlighted features to earn online money by playing Ludoskill.


Ludo is a modified version of an ancient Indian game called Pacheesi. It is a house-based strategy game played by people of all ages. Unlike other online ludo games, LudoSkill is unique in its way. And maybe that's why LudoSkill is called the master of all ludo games. LudoSkill also allows you to earn money by playing.

LudoSkill is a real cash game app that allows you to play ludo online with real players and earn money. An old ludo game that you have been enjoying playing since childhood. Ludo is a popular board game played by people of all ages. We know how much you enjoy playing this game, and we know you will love it even more if you earn money for what you enjoy doing.

So, we have brought an online version of your favorite game with the LudoSkill version. Our attractive graphics and advanced technology ensure that you enjoy playing the game freely on your mobile. LudoSkill is an online ludo game available for Android users. Besides providing you with an enjoyable gaming experience, the app is completely safe and secure. Our app is loaded with different features that give a good feeling while playing Ludo. Plus, you can play this new generation Ludo game anywhere and anytime. Unlike other games available, LudoSkill comes with some unique game modes that not only make it fun to play the Ludo game but also allow you to win exciting and big cash prizes by participating in tournaments. You get great opportunities to play with your friends and other online players and earn real money and you can also withdraw directly to  your account. We also ensure that everything you do in the app is secure. And you know what is more exciting than earning money?

LudoSkill Features

Lightning Fast Game

Our game is designed for players to enjoy more time in the game and minimum waiting time for the opponent.

We conduct daily tournaments so that our users can have a chance to win a cash prize every day.

Thrill Boosters

Our game has an extra feature of the booster to make ludo more interesting for our users.

Exciting offers and rewards

We provide offers to our new and old users to improve their gaming experience. Our game also has some exciting rewards in which users can win a real cash prize.

Safe, Secure, and simple payment

Users can choose from multiple methods to make a payment on Ludoskill to start playing the game. Our app safe and all the details of our users secure to help them make payments fast and simple.


Refund requests

A refund request will only be processed in the case of erroneous or erroneous credit. Ludoskill.com will deal independently with such a refund request. The refund process will only be done for real cases of money laundering incorrectly or accidentally. ludoskill.com will individually investigate such an application and the refund will be processed within 7 business days. All of this refund will be sent to the wallet you used while you were doing the transaction.

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